RetroRickster on eBay, Offerup and Mercari!

I know this has nothing to do with computers and networking, but we thought we'd place a plug for e-commerce sites that our principle, Rick Strader, personally uses to list some of his family's vintage stuff (as well as some thigs that aren't vintage). We are slowly listing those items on eBay, as well as a few other secondary market venues, known as OfferUp and Mercari. Please note, unlike eBay, you will need those last two venues downloaded and installed as apps on your phone and/or tablet in order to shop on those marketplaces.

Please remember that we currently have up just a fracton of all the retro and vintage items in our possession!

So keep checking back often - even throughout the day, as we are constantly updating our several online marketplaces!

Here is a sampling of our offerings on Mercari: